At ME. we are all about 'Managing Events'... As a professional partner we offer your company our full commitment to assure the best possible event production, often beyond imagination
On top of that, we push ourselves on a daily basis to deliver on the perfect customer journey towards! 
And let us tell you,... do our clients enjoy that 'ME. journey', distinguishing us from many, many, many others!

At ME. we believe that the actual D-day production can only be accountable for 50% of our mission as a premium organiser. Not only do we want to deliver much more than what you would have been expecting, we dedicate ourselves to achieve a 100% service level
Why? Because we agree that the level of premiumness in an event organisation can be found in the execution & quality of the event itself (yes it can)... But it is our conviction that in order to truly deliver on it, premiumness has to be a massive part of the full journey towards..., hallelujah !
We recompense your trust and financial investment by being liable throughout the process; excelling in reactive communication, true project leadership and genuine team support. All with a unique approach towards full budget transparency
There you have it... the true meaning of our PREMIUM EVENT ORGANISATION mission statement ! 

Yes, over the years we have built on a strong experience in automotive, corporate presentations, motorsport brand activations and inauguration events; so you might call us specialists. But at ME. we consider ourselves, above all, to be creative organisers and that's the needed all-round competence to meet your queste for a professional event partner.